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Eye Protection

Protective Eyewear

We provide a whole range of protective eyewear for most popular sports and the most visually hazardous jobs.

Key general areas for specialist Protective Eyewear are:


  • The Sun’s rays

  • Foreign Bodies

  • Visual Discomfort

  • Sports

Sun Spectacles to prescription

Sun spectacles to prescription with UV absorbing lenses; some designs have “wrap around” lenses.  Polarizing Spectacles to prescription.  Photo chromic spectacle prescription lenses.  Young and old alike will benefit from UV blocking spectacles.

Foreign Bodies

Ultra tough Poly carbonate lenses to prescription for added safety whether at work or play.Laminated or toughened glass lenses fitted to safety spectacle frames which have full side shields. All available to your spectacle prescription.

Visual Discomfort

Visual discomfort arises from many modern employment tasks such as computer use. Long periods of physical effort, where the  eye muscles are exercised too much, will lead to eye strain and tiredness. Driving for long periods will also cause eyestrain when looking over varying distances and under different lighting conditions-particularly low lighting. There are special lenses for all these eye stress related tasks and all designed to make life easier!


Protective spectacles for sport are many and varied. They can be had for:

  • Swimming

  • Sea Diving

  • Active  Protection

  • Skiing and Cycling

  • Outdoor Pursuits

  • Specialist Sports such as Snooker, Bowls, Clay pigeon shooting.

Sports Spectacles, whether for physical protection (racket/hard ball sports ) or contrast enhancement filters for better performance (golf, tennis, fishing etc), or simply to cut out Ultraviolet sun rays (Skiing, fishing, sailing etc) are all available from Lawrence Jenkinson Opticians.  Most protective eyewear is available in single vision, bifocal or multifocal prescription form together with tints, filters and anti reflection coatings where appropriate.For more information contact  Dronfield or Woodseats by email.

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