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We treat each of our clients as individuals and will only recommend those spectacle frames and lenses that are most suitable for your needs.

Our opticians are trained to dispense the spectacles that are right for your looks, lifestyle and budget.

Our range includes:


Super Dry




Ocean Blue


And many more including a

large selection of designs for children and teenagers

that are FREE with the NHS voucher.


We also have spectacles from our adult range that are FREE with the NHS voucher including bifocal lenses.  

With cutting edge designs being added to our ranges constantly, we will bring you the very best in “value for money” spectacles.

Our spectacles are dispensed and fitted by fully qualified Dispensing Opticians.


Short sight, Long sight or Astigmatic; there’s a lens for you.

We use the latest, high quality spectacle lenses from the leading brand lens manufacturers including advanced Varifocal Lenses:








These leading brands provide sophisticated computer designed lenses for office use and driving. “Advanced reading” spectacle lenses for computer users, of a certain age! - are available to correct the vision when screen and keyboard/copy are at different viewing distances.  

These lenses will make office users visually much  more comfortable than conventional single vision lenses.

Aspheric Lenses

are now widely recommended for certain higher powered lenses.  They are thinner, flatter, and lighter than ordinary lenses.

Bifocal Lenses

are lenses which have two sights, which can be designed for various occupations or hobbies where two different prescriptions are needed for different working distances.

Varifocal Lenses

are lenses that have no dividing line, unlike a bifocal, and give a seamless graduation from distance to intermediate to near vision.  Digitally designed lenses now greatly reduce the off-centre “swim” effect which some people found disturbing in the older designs.  Off-centre vision is therefore more natural.  So whether you are a “head mover” or  an “eye mover” there's a Varifocal lens for you.

Anti reflection Coatings

are surface treatments that can be applied to most spectacle lenses to improve vision for night driving and computer use.  A coating improves the appearance of all lenses by cutting out the reflections from the lens surface. It allows almost 100% of light to travel through the lenses thereby improving vision under low lighting.  Most coatings are water repellent, more scratch resistant and UV blocking.

Tinted Lenses

can be had in a wide range of colours and densities but are particularly useful for some eye disorders (photophobia)  and for sports where contrast enhancing filters can improve performance, such as golf.

Special tints such as Polarizing and Photochromic filters, which go light or dark depending upon the lighting conditions, can now be had in most spectacle lens forms.

Ask us about any aspect of lens design or spectacle lens materials

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